The North Berkeley

Hills Homestay

Since 2007, when I began hosting guests with sensitivities, nearly all have felt safe and comfortable here for stays from three nights to ten months. Some have found this to be the only place, including home, they do not feel their health is at risk. Given the vast range and level of chemical and environmental sensitivities, however, I cannot know how your system will fare in this space. The following information may help you assess whether the North Berkeley Hills Homestay might be a healthy fit for you:

  1. Shoes off at the front door

  2. No scented products allowed in house

  3. Gas furnace with HEPA filter

  4. Hardwood floors, water-based finish (entire main floor except for ‘70s era sheet vinyl in Asia Suite bath)

  5. Persian rugs can be removed if necessary (extra charge)

  6. Formaldehyde-free kitchen cabinets

  7. VOC-free paint & water-based finishes used throughout

  8. 100% formaldehyde-free cotton insulation in walls & ceiling

  9. 100% American wool carpet with a natural pad (downstairs, usually not occupied by guests)

  10. Miele vacuum with HEPA filter

  11. Clean with Seventh Generation Free & Clear line (dishwasher & laundry detergent, dish liquid, glass & surface cleaner), and Bon Ami powder cleanser or baking soda & vinegar upon request

  12. Rugs & carpets cleaned only with water-based process

  13. Clearly Natural unscented glycerine liquid hand & bar soap

  14. Multi-Pure water filter in kitchen

  15. Shower filter removes up to 99% of chlorine (hall bath)

  16. No renovations since 2007; formaldehyde-free wallboard replaced sheetrock in kitchen, living/dining   room, downstairs office, and Asia Suite ceiling

  17. Redwood/stucco construction over concrete slab foundation; composition shingle roof

  18. House tested free of mold in 2006

  19. Utility wires underground

  20. SmartMeter installed on outside wall of garage a level below Asia Suite

  21. WiFi accessible throughout house; router on lower level in office away from bedrooms

  22. No smoking allowed on this or adjacent properties

  23. No pesticides used in garden for more than 17 years; it’s planted with organic veggies & fruit trees using compost made from our kitchen waste (worms) & Berkeley green waste

  24. No pets in the home since January 2002

  25. Scent-free personal care products provided only for NON-SENSITIVE guests to protect your health;  please bring & use scent-free products you know are safe for you

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with additional questions or if you’re interested in a consultation to guide healthy building, renovation, restoration, cleaning, and/or maintenance.


How We Accommodate Sensitive Guests